Participation in fairs

This year Promstahl Polska exhibits its products at major construction industry fairs in Eastern and Northern Europe. We invited sales representatives operating on those markets for cooperation.

The first fair event was Budma, which was held on 11-14 of March 2014. We presented our flagship docking products the operation of which could be tested there. Those products included, among others, PSS dock leveller with swing lip and FALL-GUARD lock, hydraulically operated dock leveller PT with telescopic lip, PECO mechanical eco leveller and industrial doors of: sectional type, high-speed type and roller-shutter type.

Special interest was enjoyed by the new PSS dock leveller with Fall-Guard lock. Through its application inside a hall, the risk of accidents related to the movement of the forklift trucks is reduced. Storage facilities, where heavy traffic takes place, should definitely be provided with this type of device. There were questions about the possibility to replace old equipment with devices improving occupational safety inside the hall. It is of course possible, even in case of highly non-standard solutions.

The FALL-GUARD lock solution was also presented in Magazynowanie i Dystrybucja monthly magazine.

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