PGV - Movable buffer


Buffers are designed to protect the building and installed docking equipment against direct contact with a vehicle during docking process.

Docking process may be associated with very high load, exceeding 100 kN. Buffers manufactured by PROMStahl company guarantee smooth transfer of that load onto the building structure and they allow to keep appropriate distance between the building and the vehicle. Thus, they prevent potential damage to the building, docking equipment and docked vehicle.

Approach buffers of PGV type are one of numerous customized solutions offered by PROMStahl. Movable PGV type buffers are so called height-adjustable buffers. The buffer is nominally aligned with the dock top edge and, upon activation with a lever, it moves by 250 mm upwards and remains in that position until it is moved back to its initial position. This means that in case of tracks with the bed level higher than the dock level, it is possible to provide protection during docking process without the need to open the vehicle door before. Protection of the door installed near the dock edge is also ensured, where it would be difficult to install fixed buffers with brackets.

Moreover, displaced buffer operates in floating condition, which means that it can move vertically (50 mm upwards and 250 mm) together with the bed of the trailer which is repeatedly loaded and unloaded during docking process. Thanks to floating system, buffers are less exposed to mechanical damage, which, in return, significantly increases their life. The steel structure is hot dip galvanized in a standard version, which ensures durable anticorrosive protection. All buffers manufactured by PROMStahl are made of high quality rubber. The buffers are available with damping components of two different thicknesses: 90 and 140 mm. The buffer is welded to the dock wearing iron and the dock frame or anchored in the wall.


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