Mobile ramps

PAR-PARP - Mobile yard ramp

The PAR and PARP mobile yard ramps are part of the broad range of PROMStahl products. They offer the possibility of loading and unloading trucks, containers or railway wagons directly from yard level. The entire manoeuvring and loading/unloading process can be managed by just one person. These ramps are made of robust welded steel structure, which is suitable for transfer heavy loads. In order to increase operation safety, the ramp is equipped with raised edges on both sides. There are two types of ramps available: the ramp in the standard version (PAR) and the ramp with an additional horizontal platform (PARP). The ramp moves together with the horizontal vehicle movement (smooth adjustment system in accordance with EN 1398).



Robust steel structure
Efficiency at small space
Robust steel wheels with rubber tyres
Anti-slip surface (grating)
Load-carrying capacity
7 and 10 t
Stepless height adjustment using manual hydraulic pump
High strength chain for the dock connection to vehicle, container, railcar
Stepless adjustment of height during loading/unloading process
High resistance to corrosion (available in RAL colors and galvanized)
Dock leveller can be handled using a forklift
Lifting hooks (facilitating quick dock leveller placement)
PAR: 9500 mm, PARP: 11500 mm
Width for the load-carrying capacity of 7 tons
PAR: 2340 mm, PARP: 2360 mm
Width for the load-carrying capacity of 10 tons
PAR: 2360 mm, PARP: 2380 mm
Adjustable height
850 – 1750 mm
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