Scissors lifts

Single scissors lifts

Load: 500 - 2 500 kg

Lift height: up to 1 800 mm (standard)

The single scissors lift - has been specially designed for industrial purposes. The lift can be an important part of the production line or be used ...

Vertical lifts

Load: 200 - 4 000 kg

Lift height: up to 5 900 mm (standard)

With maximum load capacity between 200-4000 kg and lifting height up to 5.9 meters may be used to perform most of the tasks.

The vertical lift ...

Double-scissors lifts

Load: 1000 - 4000 kg

Lift height: up to 1 800 mm (standard)

Scissor lifts with two mechanically synchronized arms provide stability of the structure. Large platform is more stable when provided with two pairs of scissors located next to ...

Loading lifts

Load: 2 000 - 9 000 kg

Lift height: up to 1 800 mm (standard)

The loading lifts are usually used outdoors and often in tough operating conditions. Our lifts are designed to be resistant to weather conditions i.e. snow, ...

Low-profile lifts

Load: 500 - 1 000 kg

Lift height: up to 970 mm (standard)

A low profile lift is provided with a special mechanism that allows to achieve a very low height in a folded condition, which eliminates the need for ...

Stainless steel lifts

Load: 200 - 2 000 kg

Lift height: up to 1600 mm (standard)

Stainless steel lifts are manufactured of high quality materials characterized by excellent resistance to corrosion. These devices are suitable for use in the food and pharmaceutical industry ...

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