Scissors lifts

Stainless steel lifts

Load: 200 - 2 000 kg

Lift height: up to 1600 mm (standard)

Stainless steel lifts are manufactured of high quality materials characterized by excellent resistance to corrosion. These devices are suitable for use in the food and pharmaceutical industry as well as wherever hygiene standards are very important. Stainless steel tables are often used to operate in wet conditions resulting from manufacturing processes. Under these conditions, it is recommended to place the motor in the protection zone. This can prevent possible damages.

Materials used in the stainless steel lift.

  • Platform, arm and scissors: AISI304 stainless steel Axles,
  • wheels and screws: AISI304 stainless steel
  • Service feet: aluminum
  • Cylinders: hard chrome-plated piston rods

It is possible to manufacture special non-standard lift versions (quotation shall be provided after examining the needs and confirming technical capabilities).



200 - 2 000 kg
Lifting height
up to 1,600 mm (standard)
Scissor system
made of hollow sections improves the platform stability
Hydraulic unit
compact, integrated, with transparent tank to check the oil level
Voltage control cassette
24 V
Control panel z 3 m long cable
Motor protection class
Hydraulic system
equipped with safety valve for immediate stop in case of hose rupture
Service locks
enabling safe execution of service works
Protection equipment
fully compliant with provisions of PN EN 1570-1 standard
24 months
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