Steel bollards

PAFP/PAFO - Bollard

PAEF/PAFO type bollards are simple and inexpensive alternative for securing circulation routes.

It constitutes a small investment that effectively prevents accidental collisions. With its resistant structure, it may be used as an effective protection against bumping of fork-lift trucks and other handling equipment. There are different versions of the bollards available, i.e. with the tube mounted centrally to the base or with offset tube in order to guard specific places in the hall. The tube may also be filled with concrete.

The bollards can be mounted indoors or outdoors . The bollard structure is made of 139 x 4 mm steel tube fixed on the base and its entire surface is galvanized or painted. Two horizontal stripes are provided in the upper part. The bollard is fixed to the ground using expansion anchors.



Stanchion height
PAFO = 810 mm, PAFP = 870 mm
139.7 x 4 mm
4 x M16 x 180 Anchors,
galvanized or painted
Warning stripes
yes/no (additional option)
Concrete filling
yes/no (additional option)
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