Traffic lights

PBEA - Traffic lights for vehicle docking assistance

Electronic parking assistance PBEA traffic lights measure and indicate the distance of a vehicle to a building and provide light-signalling both for drivers and the warehouse crew. A vehicle driver receives precise signal when to start braking and when to stop. This enables accurate, faster loading without the need for time-consuming corrections. The internal signalling device informs the warehouse crew when loading/unloading can be safely started. The system is provided with the protection against damage or unconnected the ultrasonic sensor (pulsed red light on both signaling devices).

System benefits:

  • Enhances docking safety
  • Saves time
  • Minimizes buffer wear
  • It can (in certain situations) lead to total elimination of approach buffers

Parking assistance PBEA traffic lights uses a modern ultrasonic sensor to measure the distance between a dock and a docked vehicle. Green color on an external traffic lights informs the driver that the station is ready to accept the vehicle. Yellow color indicates the need to slow down and start the braking process, while red color informs the that a vehicle is in the optimal position relative to the dock and must be stopped. The internal signalling device (traffic lights) inform the warehouse crew with green light that a vehicle has docked. Then safe loading/unloading of goods may be started. An additional button is used to inform the driver (with green light of the external traffic lights) that loading/unloading process has been completed and that he/she can safely leave the dock. This solution enables "communication" between the loading dock crew and a driver without the need to leave the warehouse.


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