Wheel chocks


The manual vehicle restraint system Guard Block optimizes safety during the loading and unloading process. The Guard Block consists of a fixed section anchored to the ground, a mobile section for proper vehicle positioning and locking, and an electromechanical section with external traffic lights for signal processing and signaling.

This system eliminates the risk of vehicles leaving the docking station accidentally during loading or unloading. The blocking unit is equipped with a sensor and connected to the dock leveller control unit by means of a resistant cable. The dock leveller is released for loading or unloading only after activation of the vehicle restraint system. Furthermore, a special mechanism prevents the deactivation of the blocking system until completion of the loading or unloading process.



2710 mm
775 mm
Wysokość konstrukcji
565 mm
Zakresy pracy
1960 mm
Standard corrosion protection
cynkowanie ogniowe
Power supply
230 V
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