Hydraulic Dock Levellers with Swing Lip

SMART DOCK - Dock leveller with telescopic lip

Years of experience with the state-of-the-art CAD software and the specialised production facilities have enabled the PROMStahl company to broaden portfolio of its products with a new SMART DOCK satisfying all the requirements of the latest European Standard EN 1398. The results of a modern, computer-based FEM analysis (finite element method), confirmed by empirical strength tests allowed simplified design and as a consequence, the cost-optimization. The device is made of high quality steel as well as proven and durable hydraulic equipment, while keeping excellent quality of production which is characteristic for the PROMStahl company. The drive-through surface of the dock leveller is made of chequer plate with the supporting structure made of high-strength steel that guarantees high resistance of the structure to dynamic load as high as six tonnes, while maintaining torsional flexibility enabling the dock leveller to compensate tilts of the carrying vehicle. The hydraulic unit in a compact structure provided with motor submerged in oil. This allows almost completely eliminate the impact of external factors (such as moisture, dirt) on motor operation. Moreover, this solution significantly increases the useful life of the system, while limiting the generated noise. Each dock leveler is equipped with three, highest quality hydraulic cylinders, of which two are dedicated to the platform lifting mechanism.

Such solution not only ensures the stability of the platform but also provides significant increase in the operating safety in emergency situations (e.g. departure of a truck during loading/unloading), compared to devices with one cylinder. Compared to conventional, bush-based solution, the Innovative, open hinge system of the platform and the lip made of high-strength steel, reduces maintenance works to minimum and, in most cases, eliminates the downtime of the device as a result of pollution of the hinge area. The frame design solutions facilitate the equipment installation. This provides investors with a high degree of flexibility in setting the time of dock levellers installation and allows to avoid destabilization of the construction process.

Low installation height of a leveller (600, 700 mm) enables easy adjustment of equipment to various construction conditions. By standard the equipment is protected against corrosion by high quality, two-component paint or, optionally, it is galvanized with additional painting option (duplex). SMART DOCK is used both as a newly installed product and as for upgrading existing docks.

Selection of a new product from PROMStahl - i.e. SMART DOCK, guarantees savings on three stages: purchase, installation and operation.



Nominal lengths (NL)
2000, 2500 mm
Nominal widths (NW)
2000 mm
Structure height (LH)
600, 700 mm
Nominal lip lengths (LL)
400, 500 mm
Rated load-carrying capacity
6 tons (60 kN)
Operating ranges above the level (A)
0 – 360 mm
Operating ranges below the level (B)
0 – 360 mm
Thickness of leveler top metal plate
chequer plate 5 mm (5/7) or optionally 8 mm (8/10)
Lip plate thickness
chequer plate 13 mm (13/15)
Lip options
tapered corners, straight lip, larger edge chamfers
installation by concreting (T, B) or by welding (O, W, P)
Standard corrosion protection
sand blasting and painting 80 μm
5010, 7016
Optional corrosion protection
painting a color from the RAL palette, 160 μm paint coat, hot dip galvanizing, duplex (galvanizing and painting)

NW - nominal width

NL - nominal length

LL - lip length

LH - height of the structure

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