Hydraulic Dock Levellers with Swing Lip

HERKULES 200 250

HERCULES stationary dock leveller with hinged lip is a brand-new product in PROMStahl's loading systems portfolio. Growing market demand for high loading capacity levellers combined with 20 years of experience in first leveller with 20/25 tonne loading capacity. The special construction allows loading and unloading anytime the exceptional durability is needed. HERCULES, which has been desinged as a device dedicated for work especially in steel and paper industry is also useful anywhere heavy goods are loaded or unloaded.

We have also maintained all features, which make PROMStahl levellers perfect solution for your loading system: 

  • Fast installation thanks to the included frame
  • Simply operation using controller with graphic labelled buttons
  • High durability which guarantees long and failure-free work



Load capacity
200 kN (20 t), 250 kN (25 t)
Nominal length
2500 mm
Nominal width
2250 mm
Leveller height
700 mm
Lip length
500 mm
Lip type
hinged lip
Power supply
3-400 V, N, PE / 50 Hz / 16 A
Motor power
0,75 kW
Operating range above dock
265 mm
Operating range below dock
285 mm

NL - Nominal length

NW - Nominal Width

LH - Leveller height

LL - Lip height

A - Operation rnage above dock

B - Operation range below dock

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