Mechanical dock levellers

PECO - Mechanical drawbridge leveller with swing lip

Mechanical PECO drawbridge leveller with swing lip is a new solution among broad range of PROMStahl products. Excellent quality of this equipment is the result of 15 years of experience in the field of engineering and manufacturing of dock levellers. It designed for for loading and unloading a vehicle with a bed the height of which only slightly differs from that of the warehouse floor. That drawbridge is therefore a perfect solution for fleets of vehicles with nearly identical lorry bed heights.

Advantages of that equipment include:

  • Easy installation – quick and uncomplicated installation in the existing loading/unloading places.
  • It does not require connection to a power source.
  • Ease of use - open PECO drawbridge is actuated mechanically using the hand lever (rod), additionally aided by a gas spring.
  • This leveller is designed for operation by one person.
  • During the loading/unloading operations the leveller adapts automatically to the variations of the vehicle bed height (smooth adjustment system).

PECO dock leveller manufactured by PROMStahl meets the requirements of the European standard EN 1398 and has the CE declaration of conformity.



Nominal length (NL)
485 mm
Nominal widths (NW)
1750, 2000, 2250 mm
Rated load-carrying capacity
4, 6 tons (40, 60 kN)
Operating range above the level
0 – 100 mm
Operating ranges below the level
0 – 110 mm
Thickness of leveler top metal plate
chequer plate 4 mm (4/6)
Lip plate thickness
chequer plate 13 mm (13/15)
Lip options
steel lip, sectional steel lip, aluminum sectional lip
model for external installation (R), model for installation in a pit (P)
Standard corrosion protection
sand blasting and painting 80 μm
5010, 7016
Optional corrosion protection
painting a color from the RAL palette, 160 μm paint coat, hot dip galvanizing, duplex (galvanizing and painting)

NL - nominal length

NW - nominal width

DH – dock height

MW - dock module (overall) width

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