Mechanical dock levellers

PPV PPVA - PZS laterally sliding drawbridge leveller including a guide section

Stationary drawbridge leveller PP is a new element of the PROM product line development. It is intended for external and internal docks and is used when small and medium height differences between the edge of the dock and the vehicle bed are to be bridged. The dock leveller is mounted on the dock head using a steel hinge and it is lowered onto the vehicle bed during loading/unloading process using the operating rod. Pressure springs compensate for the drawbridge weight so that the PP may be easily operated by only one person. Starting from the width of 2000 mm we recommend the use of two rods (levers) to enable operation two people. In the rest position the drawbridge is positioned vertically on the edge of the dock and it is fixed in this position by automatic fall protection.

PROM dock leveller meets the newest European standard EN 1398.

The dock leveller is kept within the guide section which is fixed to the dock head and can be laterally slided. PPV dock leveller is supplied adjusted to commonly used sections of competing companies, i.e. there is no need for costly exchange of a possibly existing guide section.

The PPVA model is equipped with a sectioned aluminum lip, which adapts to the width of the loading area (vehicle bed) and to the height difference between the level of the upper edge of the dock and the lower edge of the vehicle bed.



Nominal lengths (NL)
1250, 1500, 1750, 2000 mm
Nominal width (NW)
1500, 1750, 2000 mm
Top reach (A)
175, 225, 265, 310 mm
Bottom reach (B)
245, 295, 340, 390 mm
Rated load-carrying capacity
6 tons (60 kN)
Allowable gradient angle
According to the EN 1398 standard, operating the dock leveller beyond the allowable gradient angle ± 12.5% (approximately ±7°) is not acceptable. The specified value can be exceeded only if the user prevents slip hazard (e.g. by maintaining clean and dry surfaces).

1. Platform

2. Steel lip (PPF) or aluminum sectional lip (PPFA)

3. Spring unit

4. Operating rod

5. Fall protection

6. Dock wearing iron

7. Guide section

NW - nominal width

NL - nominal length

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