Mobile dock plates

PQW - Mobile container dock plate


Mobile docking plate (PQW) is part of the broad range of PROMStahl products. It is an ideal system for handling vehicles (during loading/unloading), the bed height of which is equal to or higher than the warehouse area height.

The PQW plate is provided with a stable welded structure and two movable fixing arms protect the platform against displacement. Maximum load-carrying capacity (rated load according to DIN 1398) is 20 kN. Available in RAL 5010 colour.

PROMStahl's dock leveller meets the requirements of newest European standard EN 1398.



Nominal width (NW)
1250 mm
Nominal length (NL)
1450, 1950, 2450, 2950, 3450 mm
Overall length (OL)
1900, 2400, 2900, 3400, 3900 mm
Bridged (levelled) height (A)
275, 365, 450, 540, 625 mm
Maximum dock distance from the truck
650, 900, 1150, 1400, 1650 mm
Maximum load-carrying capacity
20 kN

NW - Nominal width

NL - Nominal length

OL - Overall length

A - Levelled (bridged) height

X - Maximum dock distance from the truck

1 - Movable fixing arm

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