Dock shelters and Dock houses

PL - External loading house


The external loading house is a housing system that, combined with the loading ramp, sectional industrial door and the dock shelter, forms a complete docking system that can be attached to the building.

Loading houses can be fitted to new buildings as well as to existing ones. They extend the storage space available and at the same time provide the building with thermal insulation.

The entire steel frame of the external loading house is hot-dip galvanized. As an additional option we offer the facade items adapted to your buildings.

Advantages of the loading house:

  • Thermal insulation of the warehouse and the docking system ensures significant reduction in energy costs. This is particularly important in case of temperature controlled warehouses
  • The cladding may be made of non-insulated box profile sheet metal, 40 mm thick sandwich panel or of a facade material of a building.
  • The loading houses may be equipped with swing or telescopic lips as well as with several types of shelters, tailored exactly to the needs of the customer. All equipment used to loading/unloading are located outside of the building, which provides additional storage space.
  • Resistance in accordance with DIN 1055:
    • Max. snow load 2.8 kN/m2
    • Max. wind resistance 0.65 kN/m2
    • Steel structure according to DIN 18800.



Nominal length of the loading house:
2000, 2450, 3000, 3500 mm
Dock height (DH):
950-1500 mm
Dock shelter height (structure including insulation) (THI)
3975, 3840, 3640, 4000, 3865, 3665, 4025, 3890, 3690, 4050, 3915, 3715 mm
Dock shelter height (structure excluding insulation) (THU):
3930, 3795, 3595, 3955, 3820, 3620, 3980, 3845, 3645, 4005, 3870, 3670 mm
Loading shelter width (MW):
3300, 3500, 3600 mm
Standard angles of shelter mounting:
90°, 45°/135°, 75°/105° and 60°/120°. Other angles available on request.
Wall types:
U - box metal sheet, I - sandwich panels, X - steel structure for installation

NV - Loading house nominal length (NV = NV + 20 mm)

MW - Loading house module (overall) width

THI - Loading house height (structure including insulation)

THU - Loading house height (structure excluding insulation)

DH – dock height

NH - Dock shelter nominal height

MH - Dock shelter module (overall) height

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