Dock shelters and Dock houses

PMK - Foam-based mechanical seal


Mechanical PMK shelter is a new solution among broad range of PROMStahl products. It is intended for customers who attach a lot of weight to energy savings and who want to protect their goods against the effects of the weather conditions. The differences in the dimensions between the door opening of a warehouse and the docked truck form empty spaces that must be sealed as tightly as possible. PMK is made of flexible foam (providing additional insulation in comparison to conventional solutions), which sags under the semi-trailer pressure on the shelter. Cushions can easily adapt to the contour of the vehicle. The front part of the shelter is provided with 2 mm thick extremely tear-resistant and flexible tarpaulin made of PVC, reinforced with single textile interlace. PMK shelter provides high grade of safety. The protruding parts of vehicles do not hit the dock. Instead, the impact is gently absorbed by soft cushions. In such solution the truck and dock are well "connected". To facilitate the docking process, the shelter is equipped with vehicle guide stripes. The foam is finished on the sides of the shelter with durable and waterproof black PVC material. Additional gasket mounted from the building wall side is an efficient protection from rain. The top curtain is by standard made with side slits (cuts). The equipment is delivered in pre-assembled parts, including sets of connectors appropriate for the structure of the building, which ensures quick and low cost installation in any construction industry situation.



Nominal width (NW)
2000, 2200 mm
Nominal height (NH)
2200, 2400, 2600 mm
Top curtain height (OP)
600 mm
Width of the lateral curtain (SP)
300 mm
Shelter projection (NT)
300 mm
PVC color
Vehicle guide stripes

NW - Nominal width

NH - Nominal height

OP - Top curtain height

SP - Side curtain width

NT - Shelter projection

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