Dock shelters and Dock houses

PWI - Inflatable dock shelter


Inflatable PWI shelter is a new solution among broad range of PROMStahl products, combining optimum sealing with flexibility of application. It is intended for customers who attach a lot of weight to energy savings and who want to protect their goods against the effects of the weather conditions. The differences in the dimensions between the door opening of a warehouse and the docked truck form empty spaces that must be sealed as tightly as possible. Inflatable side and upper cushions tightly adhere to the vehicle, creating almost air-tight connection. This type of shelter is ideal, inter alia for cold stores and air-conditioned storage rooms. Use of this type of shelter results in significant energy savings, the improvement of working conditions and the sanitary conditions and thus increased staff productivity. Moreover, unauthorized persons cannot enter the warehouse unnoticed. Inflatable side cushions and a top cushion provide not only optimum sealing, but they also automatically adjust to the dimensions of the lorry. This allows docking trucks of different sizes, keeping effective sealing. Inflatable dock shelter combines a perfect sealing with the modern design, while meeting stringent design assumptions. High-quality materials were used. Inflatable cushions are made of durable PVC Codura, which is characterised by a high resistance to any mechanical damage, moisture and mold influence. Frame made of aluminum sections resistant to hard operating conditions is encased with 40 mm thick sandwich panels. These advantages make inflatable dock shelter a good investment with a short return on investment period. The equipment is delivered in pre-assembled parts, including sets of connectors appropriate for the structure of the building, which ensures quick and low cost installation in any construction industry situation.



Nominal width (NW)
3600 mm
Nominal heights (NH)
3600, 4000, 4700 mm
Structure depth (ND)
920 mm
Top cushion nominal height (D)
1350, 1750 mm
Side cushion nominal width
650 mm
Installation height (MH)
4700 mm (recommended)
Cushion material
codura, PVC (0.5 mm) with dual textile interlace, PCV shield (3 mm)
Material of walls and roof
40 mm thick sandwich panel, insulated
Vehicle guide stripes
white, yellow
Installation kits
concrete wall, insulated wall, sandwich panel, steel plate
230/400 V, 50 Hz, 0.55 kW

NW - Nominal width

NH - Nominal height

ND - Structure depth

D - Top curtain height

MH – Installation height

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