Fire doors

Marc-K - Curtain fire door

Curtains are flexible barriers between fire zones. Due to a low requirements as regards the installation conditions, they are very often used as window curtains. They are very light and perfectly fit to the surrounding forming high aesthetic effect. The curtain is made of glass fiber fabric reinforced with steel wire. This fabric can be coated on one or on both sides with swelling mass dough containing carbon fiber. The curtain is wound on the shaft and fitted between the guides. The entire unit is shielded with the system of guards. By standard the shields are galvanized but are also available as painted in any color from the RAL palette.  Thanks to the patented design we developed lightweight and tough product of high fire resistance. The curtain is wound on the shaft and held open by a magnetic lock, a fuse lock or by a mechanical drive brake. In the event of a fire hazard the curtain is released and unwound to close the fire zone. Doors larger than 2500x2500 are provided with the electric drive.



Fire resistance rating
E 90, E 120 (depending on size)
Technical Approval
ITB No. AT-15-6002/2014
Certificate of conformity
ITB 1430/W
Maximum door width S₀
20,000 mm
Maximum door height H₀
6,000 mm
Weight of the curtain shell
up to 2.2 kg/m²
manual (up to 2500x2200) or tube drive
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