Fire doors

Marc-VR - Fire roller shutter

Roller shutters are characterized by a compact design, which reduces the required space around the opening, while providing fire resistance rating parameters up to EI60. At the same time, the high aesthetics and the option to select doors in any RAL color satisfies the most demanding customers.


Marc-VR fire roller shutters consist of the following components:

  • door shell,
  • consisting of plastic panels side guides,
  • winding shaft,
  • top guide rollers,
  • ropes connecting the shell with the winding shaft,
  • electric drive mounting bracket,
  • electromechanical locks

Each panel is made of an appropriately shaped PVC section. The panels are filled with two wooden slats tightly surrounded by fire-proof insulation material. Door panels gate in the open position are wound on a shaft mounted on brackets. As a standard, roller shutters are provided with 400V AC electric drive, which is mounted on the right (standard) or the left (if agreed) side of the shaft. As a standard, the door panels are produced in the color similar to: RAL 7035


The door is opened and closed by means of the main 400V AC motor. In the event of a fire hazard the fire protection control panel starts the 24 V DC fire motor integrated with the main drive and the door panels close the passage between the fire zones. In case of voltage decay (blackout) the door can be opened manually using a crank.



Fire resistance rating
Technical Approval
ITB AT-15-7497/2014
Certificate of conformity
Certificate of conformity No. 1703/14
Maximum door width S₀
5 000 mm
Maximum door height H₀
5 500 mm (for EI30), 5 000 mm (for EI60)
Panel weight
36 kg/m²
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