Fire doors

Marc-SV - Sectional fire door

Sectional doors provide fire resistive rating up to EI120 and by standard can close 6 m wide and 6 m high opening hole. Larger sizes are available on request. The doors are available in the vertical and horizontal version (depending on the way of panels arrangement in the cassette after door opening). The door can be painted in any color of the RAL pallet.


Marc-Sv sectional door consists of the following components:

  • set of segments,
  • guides,
  • guide ropes,
  • drive units - consisting of such components like:
    • 400 V AC electro-mechanical drive,
    • rope pulley,
    • drive shaft,
    • guide guards.

Each door segment is built of modified and hardened mineral wool of MARC type reinforced inside with the steel rods. The external surfaces of the segments are cladded with metal sheet of individually agreed color. Door segments are suspended on the supporting-and-guiding structure using ropes that are connected via the shaft and drum with the drive. Depending on the existing conditions, the drive may be attached to the ceiling, to the wall or to the supporting-and-guiding structure. Sectional doors are equipped with an electric drive.


The door segments are kept in open position by the drive equipped with the electromagnetic coupling. In the event of power supply failure (blackout), the door is kept in the open position until discharging of the batteries. After that, the door closes automatically. This door can be re-opened only using solenoid drive. Manual opening of the door is not possible.



Fire resistance rating
EI60, EI120
Technical Approval
ITB AT-15-6001/2012
Certificate of conformity
ITB 1429/W, National Declaration of Conformity
Maximum door width S₀
6,000 mm
Maximum door height H₀
6,000 mm
Weight of door leafs
40-45 kg/m²
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