Fire doors

Marc-P - Sliding fire door

Sliding doors are perfect solution wherever space is available at least from one side of the opening. Fire resistance rating up to EI120 and no limit as to the size make it a very attractive product. It can be manufactured in any color of the RAL pallet. This type of a gate/door can be combined with a thresholdless type escape door or a door with a threshold-type passage door.


Marc-P sliding door consists of the following components:

  • section of the carrier track,
  • traveling track,
  • door leaf,
  • door magnetic locks,
  • trolleys,
  • closing items,
  • counterweight,
  • guide rollers.

The door leaf is built of modified and hardened mineral wool of MARC type reinforced inside with the steel rods. The external surfaces of the leafs are cladded with metal sheet of individually agreed color. The door leaf is suspended on trolleys placed in the traveling track. Guiding the door leaf from the bottom is provided by a guide roller mounted outside the opening in the wall. The counterweight with a cover can be installed both on the closing pocket side as well as on the opposite side. By standard, each door is equipped with a magnetic lock (24V DC), which keeps the door leaf in the open position. Additional elements of the signalling-and-alarm system are provided for an extra charge by individual arrangements. A passage door or escape door equipped with door handles or panic hardware (levers) can be mounted in the gate/door leaf.


The door leaf is closed by gravity by means of the counterweight. Keeping the door open is also possible by connection of the magnetic lock to the fire protection control panel. In the event of a fire hazard the fire protection control panel releases the magnetic lock and the door leaf closes the passage between the fire zones. The door is opened manually (standard) or automatically by means of an electromechanical drive.



Fire resistance rating
EI60/EW120, EI120/EW180
Technical Approval
ITB AT-15-5023/2015
Certificate of conformity
ITB 1428/W, National Declaration of Conformity
Maximum door width S₀
16,000 mm
Maximum door height H₀
6,000 mm
RAL standard
7035, 9002, 9010
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