Fire doors

Marc-D - Swing fire door

Swing doors may be provided with a corner frame, internal frame or external frame. In the case of an internal door frame, the door does not occupy place around the opening, but only reduces the passage clearance. It can be used as a simple door or gate, while maintaining the fire resistance up to EI120. A swing door can be manufactured in any color of the RAL pallet.


Marc-D fire swing doors consist of the following components:

  • active door leaf,
  • passive door leaf,
  • door frame,
  • closing sequence controller,
  • automatic door closers,
  • stiles.

The door leaf is built of modified and hardened mineral wool of MARC type reinforced inside with the steel rods. The external surfaces of the leaves are cladded with metal sheet of individually agreed color.

The door leafs are suspended on hinges fixed to the door frame. Depending on its position in the wall opening, the door frame is available in the following versions: corner (standard), external or internal. An insulating element is mounted on the door frame in the opening clearance. The entire door frame is covered by the set of masking frames.


The door leaves are locked in the closed position by a lock and a latch. Keeping the door open is possible by means of the magnetic lock connected to the fire protection control panel. In the event of a fire hazard the fire protection control panel releases the magnetic lock and the door leaf closes the passage between the fire zones using an automatic door closer. The door can be additionally equipped with RKZ (closing sequence controller).

The doors meet the requirements set out in the PN-EN 12604:2002 standards concerning mechanical aspects The requirements are met provided that installation works are performed by a specialist installation team authorized by the manufacturer.



Fire resistance rating
EI 60, EI 60, EI 120
Technical Approval
ITB AT-15-7498/2014
Certificate of conformity
No. 1646/W, National Declaration of Conformity
Door width S₀
1300 - 4500 mm
Door height H₀
2000 - 5000 mm ( 2000 - 4500 mm for EI120)
Leaf weight
30-35 kg/m²
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