Sectional doors

ALU 60 - Aluminium industrial door


Innovative door with even better insulation

ALU 60 mm is a modern, innovative sectional door, which is well-designed, functional and easy to install. 60 mm thick ALU sectional door is provided with triple glazing and guarantees superb thermal insulation, anti-condensation trails and noise attenuation properties. It is an ideal solution in spaces where the daylight access, visibility and maintaining standing climate play a key role.

Special insulating profiles

ALU 60 mm door is two times thicker than the ALU 40 mm door and is made of two aluminum sections that are thermally separated with a special insulating profile.The door has an exceptionally low U coefficient, despite that it is filled with glazing. ALU 60 mm sectional door is intended in particular for industrial premises, in which lighting as well as excellent thermal insulation and optimum energy savings are most important.



Panel thickness
60 mm
Thermal insulation coefficient (U)
2.35 W/m²K
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