Sectional doors

Panorama 60 - Aluminum door without vertical divisions

Maximum transparency, no vertical sections

Panorama door is an ALU door available in 40 mm or 60 mm version. What makes the door unique is the lack of vertical divisions, resulting in a full panoramic view. High quality plexiglass is extremely thin and durable, difficult to deform, and looks like real glass. All of this makes the windows naturally transparent and look very attractive.

Optical plexiglass

Panorama door is available with a maximum width of 4000 mm and a maximum height of 4500 mm. Panorama door looks particularly well in buildings, which are intended to draw attention by their appearance. It is equally well suited for applications where daylight access and good visibility are important.

The uniqueness of high quality plexiglas consists in the fact that while looking like real glass, it retains the properties of safe plastic. Windows made of optical plexiglas are available as 20 mm thick double-pane windows and 40 mm thick triple-pane windows.



Triple optical plexiglass
40 mm (4-14.75-2.5-14.75-4 mm)
Thermal insulation coefficient (U)
2.45 W/m²K
Maximum door width
4 000 mm
Maximum door height
4,500 mm
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