Sectional doors

ISO 60 - Steel industrial door


Efficient separation of climate zones

ISO 60 mm sectional doors and overhead doors with excellent insulating and sealing properties. Are mainly used in applications where separation of the different climate zones is important. If it is necessary to maintain constant temperature in a warehouse or a production hall, then ISO 60 mm door is the right product. Panels covered with cladding made of micro-profiled surface steel are characterized by excellent acoustic insulation properties and thermal insulation properties and are resistant to diverse weather conditions.

Excellent thermal insulation properties

ISO sectional door are produced using so called sandwich method. In this process, hard freon-free polyurethane foam layer is bound injected between two galvanized steel panels. Doors are available in 10 standard colors. The panels can also be painted in any RAL color as per client's choice.

10 standard colors at no extra charge

Thanks to Promstahl, architects can now use many color schemes in their designs. Optical properties of the door micro-profiled surface make it perfectly suited to modern industrial architecture. In its color palette Promstahl offers 10 most commonly used RAL colors, which gives each door an individual character at no extra charge. With this selection of durable color coats, doors can always be perfectly suited to your company color scheme. And if you have special requirements regarding color, Promstahl can offer a complete rainbow of colors.



Panel thickness
60 mm
Thermal conductance (λ)
0.025 W/mK
Thermal insulation coefficient (U)
0.35 W/m²K
Foam density PU
40 kg/m³ HCFC-less
Paint layer
10 standard colors (outside), RAL 9002 (inside)

A - pain layer: 10 standard RAL colors (outside) B - zinc layer: 275 g/m2 C - steel sheet: 0.5 mm D - zinc layer: 275 g/m2 E - primer layer F - PU foam: g=40 kg/m3 without HCFC E - primer layer D - zinc layer: 275 g/m2 C - steel sheet: 0.5 mm B - zinc layer: 275 g/m2 A - pain layer: RAL 9002 (inside)

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